Ausgabe 84/2019 - Abstracts

»ab A2 wird dieser ›sprach-mixed-salat‹ eher schwierig«. Eine Erhebung von Einstellungen zu Mehrsprachigkeit in der Deutschsprachförderung der Erwachsenenbildung

Marco Triulzi/Ina-Maria Maahs

Multilingualism is the absolute norm in the everyday-experienced life of participants in German language courses in the field of adult education (Council of Europe 2001), yet seems this condition not to be synonymous with the didactic implementation of this resource. This article discusses the attitudes towards multilingualism of instructors of courses for German as a Second Language in Germany as a result of a quantitative study with 884 participants and in the light of relevant approaches to foreign and second language education. The study shows that one third of the respondents present a consistent and marked monolingual habitus.

Schlüsselwörter: Mehrsprachigkeit, Erwachsenenbildung, Einstellungen, Deutschsprachförderung